Saturday, October 24, 2009

IceCap Reef Illuminations T5 & LED Combo Aquarium Lght Fixture

With nearly twenty years as a leader in aquarium lighting the decision to offer a full fixture was not made lightly.
Our first fixture had to be done right. We spent time talking with a cross section of the industry. We spoke with members of reef clubs across the country and with some of the smartest people we know, our resellers!
The first Reef Illuminations™ fixtures were shown at MACNA in New Jersey. Comments from the attendees were positive beyond our expectations. The quality of the sturdy Aluminum fixture and the integrated LunarLite™ Blue LEDs were just two of the most popular features. Reef Illuminations will be a series of fixtures. The first two fixtures of the series are a 4ft T5 with LunarLites™ and a T5/Metal Halide combo with LunarLites. Additional models will be added every few months.

Reef Illuminations Construction

The body of the fixtures are a very substantial, lightly textured, coated Aluminum. The Aluminum dissipates heat more efficiently than most construction materials and the chemical coating assures the fixtures stay shiny and corrosion free for years. Under the covers they are equally impressive. Wiring meets and exceeds the toughest specifications; internal components are held in place by bolts with washers the preferred assembly process instead of screws. Power cords are 3 meters (10ft) for increased safety.

The T5 fixture, as configured, does not require additional cooling. Cooling in the T5 Metal Halide Combo is accomplished two ways, natural venting through the grill down the center of the fixture and with two fans, one push, one pull. DC fans were chosen for increased reliability and less noise. Reef Illuminations fixtures will be available in both Silver and Black finish, black available sometime in Q-1.
Reef Illuminations fixtures are designed to emulate a specific environment The health of a reef display is dependent on the correct amount and spectrum of light.

The Reef Illuminations Metal Halide/T5 combo with its 2 metal halide lamps, 2 T5 fluorescent lamps, and 2 LED LunarLites tube arrays generates a lot of light. This fixture is best suited for deep aquariums or displays dominated by Acropora, Seriatopora, Stylophora, Porites, and other shallow water specimens. The Reef Illuminations T5 fixture with its four T5 fluorescent lamps with 4 LED LunarLites tube arrays is best suited for shallow aquariums or deepwater corals such as Acanthastrea, Trachyphyllia, Scolymia, Cynarina, Fungia, Cycloseris, Blastomussa, etc. Don’t confuse lower light with lower quality light. Some fixtures don’t put out much light because of poor design. We’re putting out the right amount of good quality light for the right applications.

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