Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tropic Marin BIO ACTIF Reef Salt, 200 gal.

This new synthetic salt is said to promote growth of bioactive substances and provide protection for the mucous membrane of aquarium fish, thereby making your livestock healthier. Corals are affected as well, displaying brighter colors and opening their polyps more.

While making livestock healthier, BIO-ACTIF also promotes the breakdown of pollutants and excess nutrients in the water, leading to superb water clarity.
Tropic Marin suggests to perform weekly 15% water changes with this salt mix in order to maximize its effectiveness and promote the breakdown of unwanted “pollutants”.

Below is a list of all of the benefits seen when using Tropic Marin BIO-ACTIF sea salt:

* Rapid success in coral growth, even for beginners.
* Advanced reef aquarists can grow even very challenging and delicate species which have always been regarded as impossible to keep.
* Corals which once seemed incompatible because of their different demands in terms of care can be cared for together, with all species enjoying good growth and ideal conditions. Small polyp and large polyp stony corals can be kept together with leather corals, for example, without their combined care being detrimental to either group.
* The low-nutrient environment also allows sponges and complex higher-order algae to grow without running wild, adding their own natural and authentic touch to the indoor reef.
* Active control of the pH and carbonate hardness is conducive to the sustained growth of corals, calcareous red algae and other calcifying organisms.
* Skimming action for the elimination of contaminants and suspended matter provides a permanent solution to cloudiness, allowing the reef aquarium to shine in full clarity in the most vibrant colours.

New Food Formulas from New Life Spectrum

 Brand New Reef & Fry formulas from the leader in aquarium feed technology.

EcoPlus Submersible Water Pumps

Powerful oil free high magnetic rotor. Ceramic shaft and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation. Trouble free one moving part. Strainer protects impeller from damage.
Salt water compatible impellers.

New Line of MW Monitors from Milwaukee Instruments

Milwaukee’s Smart meters are manufactured to be easy to use, practical and accurate. Ideal for the classroom, laboratory or for general field us There’s a model to fit a range of specifications.

GHL ProfiLux Dosing Systems

Independent dosing pump unit that doesn't need to be connected to a GHL Profilux Controller. Programming is simple using the menus and 6 Keys, all information is displayed in a Blue/White LCD screen which is self explanatory.

Simply enter the daily amount required, and the number of doses administered each day, or with the uses of timers the dose can be administered at a set time.

A second dosing pump unit (without controller) can be connected to this unit allowing up to 8 dosing pumps to be operated from the one unit.

* Flow rate approx: 60ml/minute each pump
* Smallest dose: 1ml
* Recommended max dosing amount per day approx: 40l

Image shows a 4 pump unit, units with less pumps are the same size and can be expanded to include 4 pumps.

CoralVue Coral Booster - New High Power LED

New High Power LED strips will be available late May 2010
More specifications will be available shortly......

New T5/LED Hybrid from CoralVue

CoralVue just announced new T5/LED fixtures to be available late May 2010
More specifications will be available shortly.....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Vertex External Skimmers coming to Aquacave.

1st look at the New Vertex External Skimmer EX-Series coming to Aquacave in two weeks...

Pre-orders and technical information will be available by next week

We are very excited to receive the 1st shipment of these new skimmers. It will give users flexibility to control the amount of water volume to skim within their system.