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MINI Photometer Phosphate low range, MW-12 by Milwaukee Instruments

Milwaukee Instruments' digital mini colorimetric meters offer professional results on a budget.

Features include:

* Factory programmed
* No manual calibration
* Easy to use
* Large digits on a clear LCD
All models include 2 cuvets, reagent starter pack and battery.


* Model: MW 12
* RANGE 0.00 to 2.50 ppm
* RESOLUTION 0.01 ppm
* ACCURACY ±0.04 ppm ±4% of reading @ 25 °C
* TYPICAL EMC DEV. ±0.01 ppm
* LIGHT SOURCE Light Emitting Diode @ 525 nm
* LIGHT DETECTOR Silicon Photocell
* METHOD Adaptation of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th edition, Ascorbic Acid method. The reaction between phosphate and the reagent causes a blue tint in the sample.
* ENVIRONMENT 0 to 50°C (32 to 122 °F)
* max. 95% RH non-condensing
* AUTO-SHUT OFF After 3 minutes of non-use and 2 minutes after reading
* DIMENSIONS 81.5 x 61 x 37.5 mm (3.2 x 2.4 x 1.5”)
* WEIGHT 64 g (2.25 oz.)

Sequence Reeflo SUPER DART HYBRID Water Pump

DART HYBRID comes out of the box as standard DART pump but also include easy to implement SNAPPER conversion kit.
SNAPPER kit will take this pump from flow of 3000 gph at 4 ft. / 145 watts to 1900gph at 4 ft. / 95 watts.
Our Super Dart Pumps come standard with Baldor motors.

Reeflo Pumps, the leading manufacturer of efficient pumps for the water garden industry for over 25 years, introduces its Reeflo product line dedicated to aquarium and marine applications.

With a combination of energy efficient motors, heavy duty silicon carbide seals, stainless steel fasteners, and UV resistant translucent PVC housing, you can confidently choose the REEFLO product line for your aquarium needs.
Applications:Perfect for 50-250 gallon closed loop systems where Low Watt Draw (approximately 100 watts), quiet operation and low heat transfer is important.

Sequence ReefFlo Dart Specifications:
- Ports are 2in FNPT suction and 1-1/2in FNPT discharge.
- Flow:3,600gph
- Max. Head: 13ft (4.5psi)
- Power: maximum wattage of 155W/ 1.4 amps
- Units are pre-wired with an 8ft cord and molded 110V plug.
- 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty.

NEW LOWER PRICES on Aqua Medic Reeflex Metal Halide HQI Aquarium Ballasts

The Reeflex Cube magnetic ballasts for HQI lamps are an exciting mix of tried-and-true technology and innovative design.
The head-turning cube housing certainly makes these ballasts stand out in a crowd but they are not just a pretty face.
The advanced cooling architecture features a top mounted fan crowning 4 well ventilated walls for unprecedented breathing room. This means that every component inside gets a generous stream of life-extending fresh air.
Life expectancy is a major consideration here and is among the reasons these ballasts were born magnetic. Of course magnetic ballasts deliver a bit more punch than their electronic cousins but that is only half of the story. Every component of this ballast is easily accessible and replaceable by even the least mechanically inclined. This means a lifetime of high performance and minimal down-time.
Instead of throwing away an electronic ballast and buying a new one, the Reeflex Cube magnetic ballast can be kept running inevitably with very little effort or expense. Maybe the best part of all is that these beauties are hand made in the USA!

* High quality components
* Advanced cooling architecture
* Strong magnetic performance
* A lifetime of serviceability
* Made in the USA
* Available in 150w (M81) and 250w (M80) HQI formats

Finnex HPS Aquarium Heaters

NEW FROM FINNEX -  HPS Aquarium Heaters with Digital Controller.

These newly designed Finnex digital glass heaters are fully submersible & can be used in both fresh and marine aquariums. The red LED digital display allows users to visibly read current temperatures in the tank.
A single control button allows easy temperature settings, hassle free. Unit uses an ultimate designed internal temperature controller to keep aquarium temperatures steady.
Built in with automatic shut off overheat protection at 93°F, our 2mm quartz glass thick tubes one of the strongest glass heaters out there.
To further separate this glass heater from the rest, these aquarium heaters are equipped with memory, meaning after power outages, at start up the heater will resume your preset temperature settings.

Three Models Available:

* Finnex HPS-100 100W Digital Glass Aquarium Heater 
* Finnex HPS-200 200W Digital Glass Aquarium Heater 
* Finnex HPS-300 300W Digital Glass Aquarium Heater

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Aqua Illumination LED Lighting - Back In Stock

 We just received new shipment of both White and Blue Aqua Illumination SOL modules and components. Get yours before they are gone.

Reduced Energy

The Aqua Illuminations Cree modules are some of the most efficient lighting products on the market. Because of the lower energy consumption, an AI module will realize over a 1/3 savings when compared to the equivalent us of a low output metal halide (250W) bulb.

No Heat Increase

The AI shows less than a 1 degree water temperature increase over a 12 hour period. A low output metal halide (250W) bulb in the same configuration shows an increase of over 15 degrees. Because of this, it is unlikely that aquarists will have to use chillers when running AI modules resulting in substantial savings from equipment purchases and energy consumption.

Over 8 Times Longer Life

The AI’s modules are rated for over 50,000 hours providing for years of maintenance free and environmentally friendly use. Metal Halides require costly annual replacements due to deteriorating output and unpredictable color drift.

Built in the USA

Every AI product is made with high quality components. We assemble each unit at the AI headquarters and have been doing so since 2007. We test all critical components in-house including a PAR output, heat output, and electricity consumption test after a 24 hour burn in period for each module to ensure that each AI module is of the highest quality.

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