Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Lumen Bright ALL-In-One Fixture

 Lumen Bright ALL-In-One Fixture by CoralVue
This elegant fixture houses the super efficient Lumen Bright reflector know for its powerful reflective qualities.  The Lumen  Bright’s unique design allows for more light to be retained within the aquarium  and  unmatched surface  penetration  gaining  the  highest  light  levels within  the  lower  level  of  the aquarium.  These  amazing    reflectors  are  housed  within  a  high  polished  extruded  vented  fixture.   Twin  T5s are  mounted  at specific  angles within  the  fixture  to  help  direct  the  light  output  towards  the  bounds of the aquarium.   This grand fixture also comes with a number of high powered, positionalble LEDs for unique nightime accenting of your reefscape.

Available Fixture (Black or White Finish)
36″ 1 halide, 2 T5, 9 LED’s
48″ 2 halides, 2 T5, 12 LED’s
60″ 2 halides, 2 T5, 12 LED’s
72″ 3 halides, 2 T5, 12 LED’s
• All Fixtures are 12” Tall & 24” Wide

• Call us for availability.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The New Tek Wave VHO T5 fixture

The 1st VHO-T5 Fixture from Sunlight Supply using VHO-T5 bulbs. (Available now 48" fixture)

  • Silent convection cooling system
  • True VHO lamps pack 95 watts each
  • Uses only powerful Aqualux lamps
  • Four stunning bulb choices:
  • - Actinic - Ocean Blue - Ocean White - Ocean Day
  • Sleek efficient and rustproof design
  • 46.75"L x 4.5"T x 11.5"W
  • Improved Polycarbonate lens
  • Specially designed endcaps and ballast
  • Compatible with our Tek Mount and hanging kits
  • Some assembly required 
Available VHO T5 bulbs:

Aqualux T5 VHO Lamp - Ocean Actinic

  • Wattage: 95 Watt
  • Specification: Coral pigment fluorescence
  • Activates coral pigmentation fluorophores for maximum coral color vibrancy.

Aqualux T5 VHO Lamp - Ocean Blue

  • Wattage: 95 Watt
  • Specification: Coral Coloration
  • A mix of actinic and blue spectrums to maximize coral pigmentation and coloration.

Aqualux T5 VHO Lamp - Ocean Day

  • Wattage : 95 Watt
  • Color : 6,500K
  • Specification : Coral growth
  • Highest photosynthetic available radiation (PAR) to maximize coral growth.

Aqualux T5 VHO Lamp - OceanWhite

  • Wattage: 95 Watt
  • Color: 15,000K
  • Specification: Increase Aquarium Brightness
  • Base color for maximum brightness and livestock color.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The new Skimz Leopard 2011

Skimz Leopard’s Integrated Inverted Cone (IIC) channel bubbles to the outer side of the chamber to achieve optimal skimming performance. This significantly reduces surface agitation, thus creating superb foaming within the skimmer and results in increased skimming efficiency. Together with the use of the bubble plate design, turbulence within the chamber is significantly reduced, allowing maximum air flow capacity in a compact skimmer.
All Skimz Leopard protein skimmers are fitted with the new LS skimmer pumps made by Askoll, producing extremely fine bubbles for unsurpassed skimming performance.
 Up to 100% of bubbles channelled to outer side. Leopard’s Integrated Inverted Cone has distinct design advantages – the bubbles in the reaction chamber are forced to move outer side upward, resulting in natural foam formation to minimize bubble bursting. This natural foam formation of the bubbles reduces surface agitation, thus creating a gentle foaming within the skimmer.
 The new Skimz LS skimmer pump is made by Askoll. This LS skimmer pump is extremely quiet and pulling twice the air. The intake of the pump is adjustable for different needs. The knurled knob delivers a smooth operation when fine tuning of air and water intake.

SL200 – 1,600 l/h air – for aquarium up to 2,500 L
SL250 – 2,100 l/h air – for aquarium up to 3,500 L
SL300 – 4,200 l/h air – for aquarium up to 5,000 L

Specifications and equipment are subjected to change without prior notice or obligation on the part of the manufacturer. Design Reg. no. D2011/523/C, D2011/524/Z