Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming Soon - Reef Octopus SX Protein Skimmers

Direct replacement for popular Reef Octopus Extreme line. Reef Octopus SX protein skimmers come with improved drain valve design and brand new Sicce pumps.
Powered by Italian made Sicce PSK-600 & PSK-1000 pumps. An integrated removable bubble plate to help reduce turbulence within the skimmer which helps build a dense head of foam. Extra-wide plumbing and necks in the design to allow for more air flow.
Integrated Gate Valve output allows precision adjustment of water flow. Improved venturi design for the Sicce pumps increases air intake.
Features a brand new Star pin wheel impeller.

Available 09.15.2010

Four Models Available:

* Reef Octopus SX160
* rel="nofollow"Reef Octopus SC200
* rel="nofollow"Reef Octopus SX250
* rel="nofollow"Reef Octopus SX350

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sea Swirls Oscillating Wave Device by Aquarium Currents

Sea Swirl Wave Maker 25% OFF 
Features: * Oscillates the return from your existing pump or canister filter 90 degrees every 60 secs.
* Improved circulation - stimulates growth and carries nutrients to corals and plants.
* Eliminates use of powerheads
* Sits on top frame of tank - built in bracket to fit all aquariums.

Available Models and Optional Mounting Brackets.

Sea Swirl 1/2" Wave Maker
OUR 1/2" MODEL WILL FLOW APPROXIMATELY 500/550 GPH MAXIMUM. THE TOTAL HEIGHT WITH FITTING ATTACHED ON TOP IS 4". Standard bracket assembly fit frames of glass tanks with 1-3/8" width max. Units are now supplied with a BLACK fpt x fpt inlet(for hard pvc plumbing) and optional fitting included for hose connections. Inlets are ADJUSTABLE for an easier installation of incoming water supply.

Sea Swirl 3/4" Wave Maker
OUR 3/4" MODEL WILL FLOW APPROXIMATELY 800/850 GPH MAX. THE TOTAL HEIGHT WITH FITTING ATTACHED ON TOP IS 4 1/2". Standard bracket assembly supplied fit's glass tanks with tank frame width of 1-5/8" max. Units are supplied with a BLACK fpt x fpt inlet(for hard pvc plumbing) with the optional barb fitting included for hose connections. Inlets are now ADJUSTABLE for easier installation of incoming water supply.

Sea Swirl 1" Wave Maker
OUR 1" MODEL WILL FLOW APPROXIMATELY 1150/1200 GPH. THE TOTAL HEIGHT WITH FITTING ATTACHED ON TOP IS 4 3/4". Standard bracket assembly supplied fit's glass tanks with tank frame width of 1-5/8" max. Units are now supplied with a BLACK fpt x fpt inlet(for hard pvc plumbing) with optional fitting included for hose connections. Inlets are ADJUSTABLE for easier installation of incoming water supply.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

ZeoVit Coral Vitalizer - Coral Food

ENHANCE YOUR CORALS: ZeoVit Coral Vitalizer and the corals you never knew you had

  “Miracle juice? Exaggeration? Absolutely not!”

Unlike many coral foods, Zeovit Coral Vitalizer interacts with your corals by directly satisfying their carbon demands and reducing the need to harbor massive densities of tissue zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae). Resulting is an increased expression of true tissue coloration. Additionally, Coral Vitalizer puts many hard corals into a continuous “feed mode”, even during the daylight hours. Ever see Acropora showing off sweeper tentacles all day long? Perhaps you would like to; Coral Vitalizer can help.
The unique qualities of Coral Vitalizer set it apart from an ever increasing assortment of generic coral foods, providing nearly instant and unmistakable gains for you, the discerning aquarist. Coral Vitalizer contains no Phosphates or Nitrates.

Use Coral Vitalizer to:

Feed all corals without polluting the water
Reduce the reliance of corals on tissue browning zooxanthellae for their energy needs
Encouraging nighttime polyp extension even during daylight hours
Increase growth and deepen colors and contrasts
Aids with stress reduction of newly added corals

Dose: 1 drop | 25 gallons per day
Available in 10, 50 and 100 mL

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Brightwell Aquatics Erase-Cl Chloramine, Chlorine, and Ammonia Remover

Brightwell Aquatics Erase-Cl Chloramine, Chlorine, and Ammonia Remover.
Removes Chlorine, Chloramines, & Ammonia in all Marine, Reef, and Freshwater Aquaria

* Removes chloramines, chlorine, ammonia, and nitrites present in tap water and/or aquarium water.
* May be used to neutralize iodine in the event of an aquarium overdose.
* Used as directed, is safe for use directly in all marine and freshwater aquaria.
* Free of phosphate and silicate.
* Formulated by a marine scientist.

Brightwell Aquatics AngeLixir Food Soak for Spongivorous Marine Fishes

Free-Form Amino Acid Food Soak for Spongivorous Marine Fishes. 

* Complex of free-form amino acids in the same ratios found within tissues of sponges.
* Utilizes natural attractants and marine-derived proteins to improve feeding response and increase protein percentage of fish foods, respectively.
* Beneficial to all fishes whose diets are in large part composed of sponges, including angelfishes, butterflyfishes, Moorish Idols, and their respective allies.
* Free-form amino acids:
1. Encourage vibrant coloration.
2. Provide the building blocks of protein to encourage the formation of new tissue
3. Encourage new tissue growth to aid in recovery from wounds incurred during aggressive encounters with tankmates or during spawning periods.

* Formulated based upon sponge tissue analysis and marine fish culture.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vortech EcoSmart Driver Upgrades 50% Rebate

EcoTech Marine - 610.954.8480            AquaCave, Inc. - 847-775-0640

August 9, 2010

Manufacturer's Rebate
50% off 

EcoSmart Driver Upgrades Through September

Have you been waiting to add that 2nd VorTech pump to your system?
If so, we have some good news. Purchase a new MP40w ES or MP10w ES and we will upgrade one of your existing drivers to EcoSmart at 50% off.
To qualify for the discount, simply:
  1. Purchase a new MP40w ES or MP10w ES from a retailer near you.
  2. Purchase a driver upgrade kit from our parts store.
  3. Fill out the rebate form found here.
  4. Mail us a copy of your receipts and the rebate form per the instructions on the form.
  5. EcoTech Marine mails a check directly to you.
Upgrades apply to the following models: MP40 to MP40w ES, MP40w to MP40w ES, MP20 to MP40w ES, MP10 to MP10w ES, or MP10 ES to MP10w ES.
Visit for news, information, product descriptions, customer images and more. 
Visit for complete line of Vortech pumps, accessories and other quality aquarium supplies.

How to upgrade: YouTube

Video instructions on how to upgrade are on our YouTube channel. Or visit our Media Gallery for this and more!

Back In Stock - Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper LITE System LEVEL 1 (BASIC)

We just received limited quantity of Digital Aquatics Reef Keeper LITE System Level 1 controllers.
These will not last so get yours now.

Product Information:

The new ReefKeeper Lite is a big change to business as usual! It's small, expandable and perfect for nano tanks, beginners, and people looking for a mid level controller!

The ReefKeeper Lite or RKL as it's known here, has a 5 (mechanical) button interface and a larger 16 x 2 LCD display for easy readability. While some of the advanced modules and features of the RKE are not available for the RKL, it will have more than enough power to monitor and control single tank systems, as well as small to mid sized tanks alike!

The RKL is the only controller under $100 that offers four outlets and temperature control while still providing the customer an upgrade path as their system or needs grow!

With up to four modules, this new controller is perfect for streamlining your tank without breaking the bank!

NEW - Expandability!
The RKL can interface with up to 4 modules in almost any configuration you'd like. (Limited to PC4s, SL1s and MLCs)

NEW - Data reporting
The RKL can report the min, max and average over the last 1 hour for all inputs and outputs!

NEW - Improved 5 button interface
The RKL has a 5 button interface; a big improvement over traditional 3 button interfaces that are currently used for entry level controllers!

NEW - 16 dedicated timers You can set up to 16 timers with day of week capability!

NEW - Audible and Visual feedback The RKL offers a first for an entry level controller with audible and visual feedback!

NEW - 16 dedicated alarms
Get informed! Set alarms to alert you of almost any event in your system that you need to know about

NEW - Control functions
Improved controller, multi-timer, light, lunar, and pump controls help keep you in complete control of your system!

Upgradeable Firmware with USB Adapter Updating the RKL via USB when new software features are released is easy and straight forward. Better yet it's included at no extra cost!

Night Mode - Independently Programmable Night mode can be configured independent of your light configuration so that moonlights and pumps can be adjusted in the evening times.

Wavemaker There are 2 wavemaker cycles in the ReefKeeper Lite, cycles A and b. When a channel is designated as a pump you can select a wavemaker cycle A or B. The two alternate opposite each other to simulate wave motion. Under the wavemaker setup you choose how long you want each cycle time to be by dialing an A/B cycle time. During night mode the cycle can be turned off to give a calming affect.

Standby/Feed mode
Just as in all Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper controllers, the RKL has a Standby mode that can be programmed from 1 to 59 minutes. When in "Standby" ReefKeeper Lite turns off the powerheads and sump and skimmer pumps that are programmed to be off during standby mode for the set time or until "Standby" is backed out of.

Standby/Feed mode helps reduce the bio load on the tank by maximizing the food eaten by fish and corrals and minimizing waste. Food will not get whisked away into the sump filter and to dead spots in your tank. Standby mode is also useful when it is time to perform maintenance on your tank and you need all the water pumps to be temporarily turned off.

Head unit can be mounted in a number of ways for the custom professional look
The display unit has several mounting options to accommodate different configurations. It can be mounted flush to your hood/cabinet for a sleek look by cutting out a rectangle. It can also be mounted easily to any flat surface with or without the mounting tabs.

Splash proof face plate
The front of the remote display has a custom faceplate so that a little water on it doesn't cause any problems. The unit menu system can be navigated with wet hands without any problems.

Internal backup battery for clock and settings The internal battery will last for years keeping the time and settings of the ReefKeeper Lite. A power outage will not require the adjustments that traditional light timers need after the power is restored.

Simple menu system for easy configuration
The menu system is an easy-to-use interface that allows you to setup the ReefKeeper Lite to meet your specific needs. The 5 buttons under the display are used to navigate through the menu for setting up which features you want to link to which outlets and other setup.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

BIG SALE - Bubble King Mini Protein Skimmers by Royal Exclusive

Save big on our full line of Bubble King Mini Protein Skimmers by Royal Exclusive.

New Generation 2 Bubble King Mini's now Pulling twice the air! Limited on space? This is the skimmer for you.

Welcome to the Royal Exclusive Bubble King Protein Skimmers. Royal Exclusiv has over 25 years of manufacturing under their belt. With aquariums up to 12,000 liters. With their hobby also being their job makes it that much easier to care about the quality and process in which they create their products.

The Bubble King Protein skimmers are totally different than anything you may find on the market today. After 3 Years of development and testing all Skimmers are manufactured on highly accurate 4 axis CNC-machines. All skimmers are made from Acrylic with a thickness of 4-6mm. Bubble plates and injection pans with conical counter bored holes for clear turbulence reduction are standard on all models.

Bubble King Protein Skimmers also include the original Red Dragon pump with standard anit-lime bypass and titan screws. Skimmers are available in Internal or External Models with many different styles to choose from.

Sale Ends 08.31.2010

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Friday, August 6, 2010

ZEOVIT - Coral Snow

NEED CLARITY? Coral Snow is the liquid filter media for crystal clear water “Unsightly water discoloration has met its match”

Coral Snow naturally addresses several issues that plague modern reef tanks – yellow or hazy water, stubborn nutrient accumulations and red slime algae.

After an initial cloudiness, Coral Snow leaves the water column crystal clear, almost luminous; your fish and corals will appear as though they’re suspended in thin air! Coral Snow is non-toxic and will not negatively impact livestock if accidentally overdosed.
Coral Snow can also be used as a nutrient carrier to increase direct absorption of vitamins, minerals and elements by the coral. As a highly absorbent Bio-Clay, Coral Snow will sponge up any additives that are mixed with it prior to dosing. Corals have a natural tendency to trap these clay particles in their mucous to be consumed. This is a much more effective method of delivering these elements to the coral than traditional dosing to the water column.

Use Coral Snow to:

Neutralize undesirable acids
Incrementally address the baseline problems that cause Red Slime algae
Promote incredible water clarity overnight
Entice additional polyp extension from corals
As a vitamin or element carrier for direct absorption

Dose: 1 mL | 25 gallons per day
Available in 250, 500 and 1000 mL

ZEOVIT - Pohl’s Xtra

SAY GOODBYE TO DULL COLORS! Pohl’s Xtra will make your corals brilliant
    “The all-in-one additive for extraordinarily radiant corals”

Pohl’s Xtra is the only product of its kind that gives you direct control over enhancing the contrast and intensity of coral color over a broad array of color palettes. This powerful supplement will produce a vivid intensity of which you may have never thought possible. The effects are immediate and obvious and you will never look at your prize pieces the same way again!

Use Pohl’s Xtra to:

Drastically enhance colors and contrast in all corals
Increase growth dramatically
Aids with stress reduction of newly added corals

*Results can be seen in as little as one week

Dose: 1 mL | 25 gallons per day
Available in 10, 250, 500 and 1000 mL

ZEOVIT - Amino Acid Concentrate

WANT GROWTH? You need Amino Acid Concentrate
“Increase growth by up to 100%"

Amino Acid supplements have become a crucial additive for serious hobbyist. The benefits of use no longer presumed, but readily observable: abrupt gains to growth, increased polyp density, intensified colors, improved disease resistance – the many advantages of using an excellent Amino Acid supplement.

Korallen Zucht Amino Acid Concentrate combines only marine-based Amino Acids. This product is unmatched in both quality and concentration with visible reaction from corals within seconds of addition.  

Use Amino Acid Concentrate to:
Increase growth by up to 100%
Maximize polyp extension
Accelerate the recovery rate of damaged or sick  corals
Heighten and intensify coral colors

Dose: 1 drop | 25 gallons per day
Available in 50, 100 and 250 mL

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NEW Lower Prices on Entire Line of Tunze Products

We just implemented New, Lower pricing on entire line of Tunze products.
Save 10% Plus on the ever popular line of pumps, protein skimmers, and top-off systems.

* Tunze Osmolator 3155 Water Level Regulation System
* Tunze Calcium Dosing System 
* Tunze Turbelle Streams & Accessories 
* Tunze Wavebox & Wavebox Extension
* Tunze DOC Protein Skimmers & Accessories