Thursday, August 12, 2010

ZeoVit Coral Vitalizer - Coral Food

ENHANCE YOUR CORALS: ZeoVit Coral Vitalizer and the corals you never knew you had

  “Miracle juice? Exaggeration? Absolutely not!”

Unlike many coral foods, Zeovit Coral Vitalizer interacts with your corals by directly satisfying their carbon demands and reducing the need to harbor massive densities of tissue zooxanthellae (symbiotic algae). Resulting is an increased expression of true tissue coloration. Additionally, Coral Vitalizer puts many hard corals into a continuous “feed mode”, even during the daylight hours. Ever see Acropora showing off sweeper tentacles all day long? Perhaps you would like to; Coral Vitalizer can help.
The unique qualities of Coral Vitalizer set it apart from an ever increasing assortment of generic coral foods, providing nearly instant and unmistakable gains for you, the discerning aquarist. Coral Vitalizer contains no Phosphates or Nitrates.

Use Coral Vitalizer to:

Feed all corals without polluting the water
Reduce the reliance of corals on tissue browning zooxanthellae for their energy needs
Encouraging nighttime polyp extension even during daylight hours
Increase growth and deepen colors and contrasts
Aids with stress reduction of newly added corals

Dose: 1 drop | 25 gallons per day
Available in 10, 50 and 100 mL

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