Friday, August 6, 2010

ZEOVIT - Coral Snow

NEED CLARITY? Coral Snow is the liquid filter media for crystal clear water “Unsightly water discoloration has met its match”

Coral Snow naturally addresses several issues that plague modern reef tanks – yellow or hazy water, stubborn nutrient accumulations and red slime algae.

After an initial cloudiness, Coral Snow leaves the water column crystal clear, almost luminous; your fish and corals will appear as though they’re suspended in thin air! Coral Snow is non-toxic and will not negatively impact livestock if accidentally overdosed.
Coral Snow can also be used as a nutrient carrier to increase direct absorption of vitamins, minerals and elements by the coral. As a highly absorbent Bio-Clay, Coral Snow will sponge up any additives that are mixed with it prior to dosing. Corals have a natural tendency to trap these clay particles in their mucous to be consumed. This is a much more effective method of delivering these elements to the coral than traditional dosing to the water column.

Use Coral Snow to:

Neutralize undesirable acids
Incrementally address the baseline problems that cause Red Slime algae
Promote incredible water clarity overnight
Entice additional polyp extension from corals
As a vitamin or element carrier for direct absorption

Dose: 1 mL | 25 gallons per day
Available in 250, 500 and 1000 mL

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