Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hydro Sponge PRO Aquarium Filters

The Hydro-Sponge Pro is the newest product line from Aquarium Technology. The Hydro-Sponge Pro like the Hydro-Sponge is made in all the same sizes but unlike the Hydro-Sponge line it uses reticulated foam. This gives the sponge itself almost double the efficiency as compared to the Hydro-Sponge.

The Hydro-Sponge PRO aquarium filters provides both mechanical and biological filtration. Aerobic bacteria colonize the sponge, providing a bacterial substrate to facilitate the nitrogen cycle In addition, the Hydro-Sponge traps larger waste particles, mechanically cleaning the water without trapping the baby fish.

Five Sizes Available:
- Hydro Sponge PRO II, up to 20 gal.
- Hydro Sponge PRO III, up to 30 gal.
- Hydro Sponge PRO IV, up to 80 gal.
- Hydro-Sponge PRO V, up to 120 gal.

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