Saturday, October 24, 2009

IceCap Reef Illuminations 250W Metal Halide, T5 & LED Aquarium Lght Fixture

With nearly twenty years as a leader in aquarium lighting the decision to offer a full fixture was not made lightly.
Our first fixture had to be done right. We spent time talking with a cross section of the industry. We spoke with members of reef clubs across the country and with some of the smartest people we know, our resellers!
The first Reef Illuminations™ fixtures were shown at MACNA in New Jersey. Comments from the attendees were positive beyond our expectations. The quality of the sturdy Aluminum fixture and the integrated LunarLite™ Blue LEDs were just two of the most popular features. Reef Illuminations will be a series of fixtures. The first two fixtures of the series are a 4ft T5 with LunarLites™ and a T5/Metal Halide combo with LunarLites. Additional models will be added every few months.

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