Saturday, June 13, 2009

Royal Exclusiv Alpha Cone Protein Skimmers

We are expecting limited quantity of Alpha 200 and Alpha 250 protein skimmers to be available this coming week.

Brand new line of cone protein skimmers from Royal Exclusiv, maker of famous Bubble King protein Skimmers and Red Dragon water pumps.

Unquestionably, there must be no concessions when it comes to engineering and producing the finest aquarium equipment. Only by these convictions can performance be pushed beyond expectations. Vertex Aquaristik™, in association with Royal Exclusiv, brings to you the next stage of evolution in high-performance Saltwater management. Crediting to its ultramodern design and differentiating features, this top model clearly distinguishes from competition.

This is the Protein Skimmer you have been waiting for. The revolutionary conical body paired with the refinement of the Red Dragon pump creates a potent combination of exceptional waste extraction, whisper quiet operation and low-impact energy conservation. The precision construction from the highest quality materials coalesces together in a form that is both durable and being feature-rich These meticulous attentions to design result in an execution that is conclusively untouchable.

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