Saturday, June 13, 2009

R2 SOLUTIONS Moonlights & Lunar Controller - Just In

Introducing full line of R2 Solution moonlights.
These lightweight durable compact strips utilize ultra blue LEDs spaced at intervals of 2 inches to ensure complete coverage resulting in a beautiful shimmering moonlight effect(Our 48” model has an incredible 24 LEDs). These compacts are designed to be installed in the same manner as regular aquarium lights, above the acrylic or glass cover. The compact size allows for the R2 Signature Series lights to easily sit beside conventional daylight lighting systems.
The R2 Moonlight Controller allows the user to set there R2 Moonlight to automatically change brightness according to the phases of the moon!
A manual mode and fixed mode are also possible. The R2 Moonlight Controller works with any of the R2 Moonlights to create the most complete moonlighting solution available!

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