Sunday, September 19, 2010

NEW Eshopps Refugiums, 2nd Generation

Eshopps introduced their new "protein skimmer friendly" refugium sumps. It comes in three sizes to fit systems from 50 - 300 gal.
Refugiums are one of the most efficient ways of filtration in saltwater aquaria today.
Not only is it a natural way to filter your display tank but it is a sanctuary for micro-organisms to flourish and reproduce.
The Macro-algae used in the refugium will utilize nitrates and phosphates from your water column. These algae’s uses these nutrients to grow and thrive.

* Eshopps Refugium R-100, 75-125g, 2nd Generation
* Eshopps Refugium R-200, 125-225 gal, 2nd Generation
* Eshopps Refugium R-300, 225-300 gal, 2nd Generation
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