Sunday, December 13, 2009

COMING SOON - Sicce Voyager 1 Flow Pump With Rotating Deflector 607 GPH

- 265 to 607 gallons per hour
- 8 watts
- CE &amp rel="nofollow"; UL listed
- 3 year warranty
- 360 degree pump rotation
- Adjustable pump body, rotates and tilts
- Support w/ magnets and suction cups
- Adjustable deflector
- Water capacity regulator

The Voyager 1 is the NEW Patented stream pump for marine aquariums, nano reefs, and fresh water aquariums, with flow rates ranging from 265 to 607 gallons per hour. Its main feature is an innovative 360 degree rotation system, directing water flow thanks to 4 types of regulation:
1) of the flow rate
2) of the flow direction
3) of the speed of the rotation of the deflector
4) and a 360 degree rotation of the pump support

All of these allow the the Voyager to perfectly simulate the marine streams!

The Voyager can be used in fresh water aquariums. In fact, thanks to innovative flow deviator and rotation system, it is useful to raise the deposits from the bottom of the tank, for better filtration, contributing to cleaner and clearer water. The pump is furnished with 4 suction cups and it is predisposed for the application of 3 couples of magnets for a greater adherence to the glass (up to 15mm thickness).

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