Monday, September 7, 2009

First Glimpse of Fluval G3 and G6 Canister Filters

Hagen announced last week that the Fluval G series filter would be first seen this week at the Hagen Germany and UK shows this week, September 4th and 6th respectively. So now, in anticipation of that launch, we’d like to offer some background information on the G series and how it came to be.
Over 2 years ago, Hagen and Fluval set an incredibly ambitious goal to develop and create the perfect aquarium filter So over those 2 years via an independent research agency, Hagen held numerous consumer focus groups around the world, conducted online surveys and spoke to hundreds of retailers and fishkeeping experts. The point of this massive investment in consumer research was to understand what the modern aquarist expects from an ideal filter. While aquarium filter technology has not changed in a major way in the last 20 years, that is all about to change as the Fluval G will launch aquarium filtration into the 21st century.
want to clean the filter you can do it under two minutes, and if you want to replace the cartridge you can do it in under 20 seconds."

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