Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Red Dragon Deluxe Water Pumps - Product Profile

Red Dragon pumps are the most efficient centrifugal pumps for internal and external use available in the Aquatic hobby today! Using the highest quality components and patented technology they produce very high flow, and consume less energy than most competing products. The optimized pump head geometry combined with patented drive technology and start-up electronics enables the pump to produce a high flow with very low energy consumption. This will also ensure silent operation and no start- up issues, and with less heat generation. All RED DRAGON pumps are designed to use in ultra- silent ‘lifestyle applications’ where no noise is tolerated. Utilizing our patented Anti Calcium bypass technology, water is pushed from pump-head to the back of magnet to cool down the shaft, bearings and magnet. In return less calcification occurs, which increases the life of the pump and reduces the need for frequent maintenance. This feature is especially useful in SPS or other systems in demand of high Calcium or using Kalk dosing. Unlike other centrifugal pumps using Ceramic bearings, only the best quality Silicon Carbide bearings are used which will last much longer than other materials, and smoother contact between shaft and bearing will produce less noise. Models RD10 and RD12 also feature Titanium motor shafts, and ALL metal components used are high grade Titanium and absolutely saltwater resistant.

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